6 Seton Court



Lic. 264160

Pampered Parents
 Assisted Living Facility

1.    Visitation Hours:  10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (2-hour Maximum Time) By appointment only. Please note special hours may be requested! If the visitor is staying for lunch or dinner with the resident, they may stay during those time frames.

2.    Number of Visitors per Visit: 2 people per time visited. If a group of people want to visit the resident, we ask that only 2 people see the resident at a time in their room or allow them to go out to the back patio to be seated.

3.    Masks and Temperatures: The ALF may require face mask and temperature check if we are in the middle of a threatening disease such as Covid-19 or if their resident is sick. The ALF can supply a mask for visitors as requested. If the visitor has a high fever when and if we are taking temperatures or they know they are sick we will request that they visit their resident at another time when they are better to protect our other residents. If there is a threating disease, we ask that visitors meet on the patio with masks in an isolated area. * There is disinfectant cleanser for the visitor’s hands by the Sign In Book.

4.    Visitors Sign In: The ALF asks that each visitor sign in the Visitor SIGN-IN Book and if we are taking temperature’s we will put their temperature in the book.

5.    Visitor/Resident/Rights:  If a resident is showing signs of sadness, not eating and in need of family or friends they may make special arrangements to visit with the resident during eating times or have additional time to spend with the resident. Also, if a resident is at the end of their life and family and friends need more time to spend with their resident, they may visit additional time in the room of the resident in privacy.

6.    Visitor Behavior: If the resident’s family or friends become disruptive towards the resident or they have behavior that is disruptive to the other residents, family or friends and employees in the ALF, we will ask them to vacate Pampered Parents, ALF for the protection of all residents and employees.

7.    Owner or Administrator: The Owner or Administrator will make sure our employees will follow our Visitation Policy and make any changes in the event that there is a threatening disease or incident that could be a threat to the residents.